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Impress Every Customer with a Raised Spot Business Card

Is it true that you are searching for an approach to make your business card stand apart from the opposition? Look no further! Browse one of the accompanying three alternatives; Raised Spot UV, Raised Foil, and Holographic Foil Business cards. 

The optimum thckness of raised spot business card and raised foil is 50 microns, making them thicker than the rest, permitting you to touch and feel them. Feature a business logo, plan designs, pictures, photographs, and the sky's the limit from there, giving our raised spot business cards a one of a kind, raised texture. 

Like embossed business cards, your clients can really feel the plan with their fingers. It's an ideal opportunity to take you and your image to a higher level with an exceptional business card. Holographic Foil Business Cards empower you to amaze clients and associates. The Holographic Foil business cards are carefully imprinted on top notch smooth, velvet overlaid cardstock. 

Upgrade Yourself with Raised Spot Business Cards

End the disgrace of passing out the standard flat and dull business cards. Ensure everybody pays heed with raised spot UV business card printing. Clear and glossy spot pronunciations sparkle splendidly to introduce your plan and message well. 

You can utilize this to advance your new business or possibilities. Or then again perhaps you need to intrigue and be remarkable. Regardless of the size of your business, raised ink business card printing pushes your image from tolerable to premium. 

Making the Print 

It's great to realize what goes on in the background to print raised spot UV business cards so you can settle on the most ideal decision for your particular necessities: 

  • A strong serious shine polymer to coat chosen spaces of the print. 

  • This very glossy finish is raised to 50 microns high to give a material and embossed feel. 

  • The outcome is an expansion on your business card thickness from 16 pt. to 19 pt. for a sturdier form. 

Raise Your Expectations 

Try not to be shocked if your raised spot UV business cards ended up being more than you at any point envisioned. Not exclusively do this coating focus more brilliant under the light, it too: 

  • Feels like a genuine article. The raised coating adds a practical texture to your card. You may additionally attach a raised spot over a water bead setup to make your business card feel 3 dimensional. This is ideal for food, refreshments, gems, nail items, or even vehicle itemizing. 

  • Features significant content or plan components. Underline your logo, organization name, or significant message in your business card printing. This glossy finish puts a spotlight on text handles that are 10 pt. text dimension or bigger. 

  • Makes an intriguing foundation. Since raised spot UV is a reasonable coat, you can put an example on your business card plan without it rivaling the significant parts of your craftsmanship. This likewise adds a special texture that will make individuals need to contact it. 

Note: To forestall your business cards from adhering to one another, keep your raised spot UV inclusion to under 30%. 

Know Your Stock 

Raised post UV business cards are imprinted on :

  • 16 pt. Cardstock 

  • Velvet coating expands thickness to 18 pt. 

  • Coating gives scratch and scrape safe surface 

  • Texture gives a rich, extravagant feel 

  • Added thickness forestalls overlap and wrinkles 

  • Writability restricted to certain pens and indelible markers 

Note: Raised spot UV business card printing is accessible in the well known 2" x 3.5" size. 

Figure out how you can put your raised spot UV business cards to work with these accommodating showcasing tips. Download our business card formats or utilize our online plan apparatus so you can begin on your plan. 

Raise your image up with raised spot UV business cards. 

Searching for an approach to make your business card stick out, however hold up? Give somebody your specially raised spot business cards and they'll see and really feel the distinction. You'll establish a connection with each finger, and in each brain they contact. 

Raised spot business card printing includes a unique spot UV measure where a layer of UV ink is applied to your cards on a predefined space of your plan. So, that layer of raised ink is close to 50 microns thicker than the surface around it, giving your business cards an special, interesting texture to  feel everywhere the raised spot ink is applied. 

Utilize raised ink on your cards so clients can in a real sense feel your plans and your image, very much like embossed business cards. These cards are mainstream for businesses of all sizes searching for an approach to stand apart from the opposition. Raised ink cards are ideal for arrangement cards also. 

Distinction They Can Feel 

Rejuvenate your business cards with raised spot business card printing. This printing interaction presents texture that can impersonate the look and feel of specific items. You can likewise utilize it to focus on your business logo. 

Rather than customary raised ink thermography, we utilize advanced raised ink printing. What's the significance here for you? With the conventional strategy, you can just print in 1 or 2 tones. Our raised spot UV business cards can be imprinted in a wide scope of colors. 

We can likewise print full pictures and not simply text and logos as you would with the customary technique. Having that texture on your business cards can be the one component that separates you from the pack. It's anything but a distinction producer. 

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