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6 Excellent Reasons To Install A Pvc Strip Door Curtains


Strip curtains or strip doors are a type of barrier that separate two spaces and improves cleanliness in the surrounding. This polyvinyl chloride strip curtain limits pests and contaminants from entering the premises. These transparent bendable strips are also good at preventing heat loss and cold loss from the surrounding. There are a number of advantages of installing a strip door or strip curtain. 

These flexible strips can be hung on the doorway or it may be mounted at the windows. They restrict umes, dust and flies to enter the surrounding area. Here are some of the reasons to install a pvc strip curtain which are worth admiring.

Maintain Temperature  

The most common thing is that this plastic curtain helps to maintain temperature. They are widely used in cold storage areas and warehouses where the room temperature is to be maintained. It is also used to keep the place cool and fresh without installing coolers or air conditioners there. 

At hot places these curtains are mounted on the window that restricts the sun rays from entering. There are different colored pvc curtains which are chosen depending on the type of place and temperature of the surrounding. The air in the surrounding will be fresh and clean to breathe in. This is one of the most favourable reasons to choose it.     

They are Durable

These plastic curtains are made from a thick and strong material which is durable. As compared to other curtains, these curtains are long lasting and can be used for years. They are made of a flexible material which is bendable and is perfect for every place. They are usually made of thick plastic and are ribbed or plain in texture. 

When it comes to durability then they are the best and therefore there comes a reason to choose these curtains for commercial and non-commercial places. They are one of the favourable plastic strip curtains for home and for office premises that restricts birds and insects from entering the place.  

They are Waterproof

Don’t you think that it will be cool if your curtains are waterproof and they don't soak any type of liquid with a stinking smell in the surrounding. So for this you can choose this curtain and make the place look perfect. As there are many color options you can choose anyone from it and install it at the necessary place. 

They shield water from coming inside and control wastage. This characteristic even makes it easier to clean and manage the curtains. You can just wipe it off with a clean cloth and let it dry for sometime. For cleaning them you can even soak them in water for sometime and can clean them with cloth and brush.   

Restricts Fumes and Flies

Installing these curtains at windows and doorways restricts the entrance of birds, insects, mosquitoes and flies. Along with it the entrance of germ, bacteria, viruses, fumes and dirt particles is also restricted. If your home or workplace is surrounded by industries and factories that emit smoke then you should definitely install these curtains there.  

The plastic strip curtain restricts the harmful sun rays to enter inside and keep the place cool in summers. In winters too these curtains maintain warmth in place. So you can anytime and every time install these curtains at your places and keep it pollutant free. You just need to fix it correctly at the place where it is installed.   


Along with durability these curtains are also immensely affordable. The curtains can be bought at a low rate and can be used for many years. Due to their efficient pricing they can be installed at different places that include the office premises, industries and factories and even your home. You will find them at both online and offline stores.

So if you are planning to install these curtains at your place then it is an excellent option to do this. They limit pollutants and work as an energy conservative accessory. They don’t require any type of electricity to work as the air curtain requires when it is installed on the doors to keep the place clean and tidy.     

Isolates Noise

The strip curtain restricts noise from inside and outside the place. The curtains are widely used in heavy duty industries where the machines make loud noise and disturbs the staff as well as surrounding places. It can reduce the noise upto 17 decibels. So if you are not willing to disturb others then this will be the right thing to install. 

You can easily get these pvc curtains online or can even choose the desired one from offline stores. There are different colors used for different purposes so you need to choose it accordingly. The noise of freezers, heavy duty machines and horn of vehicles everything will be controlled with the help of this curtain. 

These are the excellent reasons to install pvc curtains at home, at office and at other places too. They are also installed in hospitals and pharmacies that insist privacy and security in the places. They are also installed in x-ray rooms and storage rooms to restrict people from entering. 

How to Clean PVC Curtains

The way they like to seem easy and convenient in the same way they are also easy to clean and manage. You can clean them with a wet cloth and then a dry cloth if they are not too dirty. If they seem dirtier than you can soak them in soap water for some hours and then clean them with a soft brush. Once they are done, wipe them with a dry cloth and let them dry properly. 

When they are perfectly dry hang them in the right place and then it's done. They are perfect in each and every way and are even suitable for each and every place. So due to all these advantages and benefits you can without any doubt choose the strip curtains and keep your place clean and tidy. 

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