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8 Stunning Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas to Flaunt at Your Wedding

We all are aware of the fact that weddings are a very special and an auspicious occasion, especially for the bride. The bride must look her best at this day, as this is one of the most important day of her life. Make up is the one factor that makes the bride look flawlessly beautiful on her wedding day and as the quotation goes that eye speak louder than the mouth, the eye make up should be on point. This is the reason why, only the best professionals must be chosen for the bride to do her makeup. Here you will find all the best salons and experience flawless service. Here in this article, we will get to know about some of the stunning bridal eye makeup ideas and about what are the benefits of applying eye makeup.

8 beautiful bridal eye makeup ideas

Minimalistic Bridal Eye Makeup

Most of the brides love to keep their makeup simple and subtle.In this makeup, you can just apply a dab of light eyeshadow with kohl and liner framing the eyes. If you feel like you have a day wedding or have the feeling that your bridal attire or jewellery should get the attention or you are just someone who loves simple makeup, then this minimal eye makeup with bright lips is all you require to look gorgeous. This look is perfect for a day wedding where the sun is shining bright with you.

Metallic Bridal Eye Makeup

Metallic shades are getting really popular in today’s time. If you combine two metallic colors like bronze and gold, it will provide you with a very stylish and beautiful look. This eye look goes well with almost every style and colour of bridal attires. No matter what the color of your lehenga is, metallic eye makeup will complement it all. This look will define your eye better and will make you look glamorous. Now, you can easily book the best beauty parlour near me with the assistance of online booking apps.

Smokey eyes

Making your eyes attractive through makeup will completely change your look. Smokey eyes is one of the best eye makeup looks that will make you feel and look gorgeous. First of all you have to shape your eyebrows with the help of eyebrow pencil. Then provide a dark and smokey look to your eyelids with the assistance of eye-shadow or an eyeliner. You have to choose a great mix of colors for providing yourself with the smokey look. Next thing to this look is that you have to add mascara on your top and bottom eyelashes. To enhance the look of your eyes, apply nude shade lipstick. This look will provide your eyes with a depth and thus will enhance the beauty and the emotions that your eyes portray.

Shimmery Eyes

If you are a bride and want to achieve beautiful glow? So definitely shimmering eye makeup is the one you should choose. It is perfect for the ones who wishes to add a graceful look to their face. You can easily apply this look by dabbing it on yourself and blending it properly. This makeup look suits almost everyone and makes each and every one of us look beautiful. You can never go on the wrong path with glitter, it is made to provide a go-to wedding statement.

The Diva-Look

If you fall in the category of brides who loves offbeat style trends, then you must simply forget about the typical bridal makeup look and go for a more contemporary look. This look can be an amalgamation of smokey eyes with a gorgeous winged liner, you can add glitter dust on smokey eyes or something in neon to offer it a more trendy look.

The Rosy Blend

This makeup look is the one that goes perfectly with the lighter shade tones as well as light playful colours of your attire. If you are having your ceremony during the day, then this look is the one you should go with. The Rosy Blend Bridal Makeup for Eyes has soft color and texture which will look gorgeous on your beautiful skin.

Butterfly effect

This look would perfectly go if you are opting for an overall dramatic look for your wedding day. This look has hues and colours that will match your lip colour as well as the bridal lehenga. Your eyes will behave as a blank canvas for the professionals who will include colours and textures in it. This eye make up will completely glamp up your complete look.

Gold beauty

A gold eye makeup will look extremely beautiful and will ideally go with your red wedding lehenga. In this look, the colour of embellishments will be used on your eyelids, and this will never go out of style as it contrasts and enhances the beauty of your makeup immediately and effortlessly. This look adds the exemplary game to your complete bridal makeup.

Benefits of applying eye makeup

Let us have a look at the basic benefits that we acquire by applying eye makeup:

  •         It boosts confidence to another level
  •         It enhances and complements the entire look of the bride
  •         It covers the sign of ageing

How to book makeup services from online salon apps?

Makeup in today’s time is something which has become extremely important and there are plenty of salons that provides you with bridal makeup services. But it is also very important for us to choose the right one. With the increase in technology and so many new inventions, you can go for salon near me book online today from anywhere through the assistance of booking appsIf you don't want to come to the salon and book an appointment sitting at your place? And you don't have time to go to the salon to book an appointment! So you can book through apps also. Here are the steps that you have to follow for booking an appointment through online salon apps.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is download the application and then select the salon you want to receive the makeup services from.

Step 2: After selecting the service, select the makeup service that you want to go for.

Step 3: Then, you are required to select the timing that is suitable for you to visit the salon.

Step 4: After selecting the timing, you just have to click on the book and then you have got yourself a makeup service booked just by sitting at your home.


Weddings are a precious occasions for brides, and they wish to look the best they can. Eye makeups play a very vital role and in providing the brides with their final appearance. You don’t have to worry about finding the best salons, there are plenty of the best beauty parlour near me where you will get the best service and the exact look that you wish to attain. 

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