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Beginners guide for Gokarna Beach Trek


Gokarna Trek - A guide for beginners

Gokarna Trek, located in the northern zone of Karnataka is a well-known trekking spot with five major beaches present there, that will provide a panoramic beauty to the visitors visiting Gokarna. These beaches are; Gokarna Beach, Paradise Beach, Om Beach, Kudle Beach and Half-moon Beach. These pretty beaches also have spots for adventuring the wild using the method of trekking. One can go out on a beach tour at the fantastic beaches present at Gokarna. The area surrounded by lush greenery all around and the beautiful hills raised high emits a majestic aura to the whole region.

The Gokarna Beach Trek is a moderate but interesting zone for trekking by the sea where one can feel the harmonious divinity and diversity of nature merged in a particular place. The scenic view of the Gokarna landscape provides the visitors with a panoramic tour through the rocky pathways that will surely enchant them on their visit. While you keep walking further and further you will feel the essence of nature's ambience with all blissfulness trying to engulf you. While you locate the beautiful blue waters of the sea from the small hills flashing and clashing with all its glory on your Gokarna Trek. Gokarna trek is a trekking spot for many especially the beginners and then rolling down to the advanced trekkers.

Thing about trekking at Gokarna Beach

Trekking at Gokarna beach or beaches and the main thing about trekking at Gokarna beach is to cover up all the beaches by foot. The original essence of the trek starts from Paradise beach or Kudle beach that depends upon your choice of routes; you can take either of them. Gokarna Trek is such a spot where you have to walk amidst the hilly regions and the lush greenery that will guide you through the beautiful golden sandy beaches by the seaside. The royalty of the lush greenery of the zone with all winders by the Arabian sea makes it a spot for many beginners thinking about some moderate location for trekking with all the amenities of nature in a place. Whereas the 10 kilometres trekking spots can be completely completed by one in five to six hours with other activities present in between your trekking route but if you are thinking about spending some time longer than the time for trekking might vary. But one must remember one thing that the summers are too hot to trek at Gokarna beaches. The scorching heat waves of the sun will make it impossible to trek outdoors, especially the beaches.

It is always advisable to visit from October till February as the weather seems to remain far cooler than the summers and monsoons fill up the hilly trails with greenery but it becomes a bit problematic for trekking in the monsoons. And being an easy-moderate trekking spot Gokarna beach trek you still need to keep yourself hydrated all the time on your journey. You must be an active person to trek the 10 kilometres route. You all have to climb the rocky terrains and steep mountain paths to reach from one beach to the other.

Experience the Bliss of Nature

While you trek the mountain ranges you will get to experience the bliss of nature and your walk along the seashore will take you through the adventurous routes of Gokarna. For reaching the Half-moon beach you have to be prepared for a long trek through the rocky terrains or you can also avail a ferry. But ferrying might be a bit costlier to access while you will be crossing from one beach to another but the intensity of the scenic beauty will be available to you if you are crossing over by foot. You can splash in the waters at every beach while you are trekking at Gokarna. One of the most popular reasons for trekking at Gokarna is due to the mirth-loving dolphins jumping in the sea waters.

Trekking from Paradise beach towards the Half-moon bridge is going to be a challenging trekking spot as you have to climb a rock and a boulder at the starting point. You will have to trek the uphill trail as you move further and further through the rocky paths. But the trek from Half-moon beach towards Om beach will make you experience the serenity and divinity of the region. And the easiest path is to trek from Om beach to Kudle beach where you can visit the Temple of Umamaheswar before you get directly into the sandy region of Kudle beach.

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