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9 Tips for The Beginner Traveler

Traveling for the first time is a mixed experience of tears and joy with a lot of other emotions as well. And planning your first trip can be an overwhelming experience as a beginner traveler. Thus, know the top 9 tips for beginner travelers to travel the world like a pro.

You must have a proper planning and travel itinerary to rely upon while exploring a new destination. If you aren’t sure how to plan your trip and are looking for some help, then it is a place where you will find it.

Let’s know the top 9 tips for the beginner traveler

Establish a concrete plan

Traveling alone or with a group is always exciting if you have concrete planning. Planning is the base of every traveling process and requires the most amount of your time and focus. If you are planning a trip to London and have already booked a flight from USA to Londonthen it’s a good start. But there is a lot still pending that needs to be planned.

Start with the basics as if you have a destination in mind, then look for all the experiences it provides. Now pick the popular ones and that you like. And calculate how you can fit them all in your travel itinerary. 

Be confident

Being scared on your first trip is very common, but a scared look will only attract con artists towards you. Maintain a confident look throughout your trip and deep analyze a person before sharing your personal information with him. 

Also, you aren’t the first person who is going to travel the world. Every traveler has experienced these days and these are the days that made them fall in love with traveling. No traveler has left traveling after his first travel instead, they have only grown fonder of it. 

Know the basics

Always research and learn about the destination properly before traveling to it. Books, shows, and movies are some excellent ways to know about the heritage, culture, and clothing style of a region. 

If you are traveling to someplace where a different language is spoken, then learn the common phrases. Basic phrases like hello, thank you and help. , helps you to communicate with the locals and makes your trip more successful.

Try new adventures

A trip is the best place to come out of your shell and do the things you wanted to do but never did. Wanted to climb a mountain or join a pottery class? Traveling is the best way to fulfill your long-lost desires as you are with people who don’t know you and their judgments won’t affect you.

Don’t overpack stuff, stay light

The basic rule while traveling is to bring the things that you will need on your trip. Most people are habitual of packing 10 dresses on a 7 day trip for their first travels. But remember, not only it will cause you to pay an extra baggage fee at the airport, but also it will ruin your traveling experience. Carrying heavy baggage while continuously traveling from one place to another will only give you a headache and a leg cramp in the end.

Prepare a list of the things that you will need on your trip in order of priority basis. And in this list, your documents should hold the first place, then your medications, and daily essentials, and dedicate the remaining space to your clothes.

Take help from paper maps

Well, there are a lot of GPS enables maps and applications that help you to stay on your route while traveling to different destinations. However, you can’t swear by the quality of internet connectivity in a foreign land, especially when you are traveling to remote regions. Always keep a paper map handy for the location you are traveling to and use it whenever you need.

Paper maps are foldable and can easily fit inside your pockets, so don’t stay worried about roaming a city with a big map in your hands. Getting lost at an unknown destination, especially when you don’t know the native language or can't find anyone around, are the experiences nobody desires. Thus, being equipped with a paper map is the best thing to avoid getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

Choose your credit cards wisely

If you are a beginner traveler, you may be unaware of the fact that many credit cards charge you currency transaction fees whenever you make a transaction in another currency. Call your bank and check if your bank charges you with the same on any other kind of fee. Talk with the manager thoroughly and let him know that you are traveling abroad and what are the charges you have to pay for making transactions in a foreign country.

If your credit card charges you any such fee, then get a new one that doesn’t to use on your trip. Also, carry over one card while traveling abroad. Most often, travelers run out of their credit limit while traveling to foreign lands. And you surely won’t like to spend half of your trip with no money in your pocket.

Leave your shyness at home

One thing that traveling doesn’t require is a shy person who is too hesitant to start conversations. Shyness won’t benefit you and thus, leaving it in your hometown. Traveling to different places is all about meeting new people and sharing new stories. 

There is no wrong to share a smile or a hello with anyone that meets you on your way. Also, remember no one has more knowledge about allocation than a local himself. They are the best people to get first-hand information about local festivals, best eateries, and places to visit. 

Lookalike a local

The best way to keep yourself from the eyes of con artists and robbers is to dress like a local. You must avoid wearing stuff that grabs attention like simmering or glittery clothes when traveling to foreign lands. Also, avoid wearing things like a money belt that screams that you are a tourist traveling to an unknown destination.

Choose clothes that suites the local dressing style to blend with locals and look hard to be differentiated. Booking direct flights to Poland from USA today or anyplace else isn’t all you need to travel.

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